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Tame the Mess, Boost the Flow: Organization Hacks for a Productive Office Breakroom

The office breakroom can be a vital hub for employee well-being and collaboration. But let’s face it, a disorganized breakroom can quickly become a source of frustration and lost productivity. Misplaced items, overflowing cabinets, and spilled coffee grounds – sound familiar?  Fear not, fellow organizers and feng shui enthusiasts! Here are some simple hacks to...

February 12, 2024


Must-Have Refreshment Equipment for Modern Breakrooms of 2024

As workplaces get smarter with AI, innovative refreshment equipment and technologies are also evolving, becoming crucial tools for boosting employee well-being, productivity, and engagement. Especially as we enter into 2024, the most important piece of creating a happy and relaxing office breakroom is providing quality refreshment options. Spaces with nutritious snacks and beverages elevate environments...

January 10, 2024


What is Agora’s Pantry Service?

Elevate Workplace Morale & Retention with Agora Refreshments Expert Pantry Management & Merchandising Services In the competitive landscape of the Pacific Northwest, enhancing company morale and employee satisfaction is vital. Agora Refreshments stands at the forefront of this mission, offering unparalleled refreshment technology and services. Our white-glove Pantry Service offers merchandising solutions that not only...

November 1, 2023


The Roots of Refreshment: Agora Refreshments + Remote Breakroom

Revolutionizing the Office Breakroom and Changing with the Times Agora Refreshments has been revolutionizing the office breakroom experience since 2014, but with the spread of COVID-19 and the global workspace shifting gears towards remote work, Agora, like hundreds of other businesses, needed to pivot.  At Agora, we were challenged to bridge the gap between the...

October 18, 2023


The Coffee Lovers Guide: Agora Refreshments Top 3 Brands & Blends

At Agora Refreshments, we know the importance of a great cup of coffee, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of brands and roasts that are distinctive, local, and delicious. September 29, 2023 is National Coffee Day, so we’re highlighting our recent best-selling coffee brands and roasts that have become beloved amongst our clientele–Caffe...

September 28, 2023


Go With Your Gut: Choose Prebiotic & Probiotic Refreshments to Stock Your Office Snacks Bar

The terms, “gut health,” and “microbiome,” are words usually reserved for medical dialogue, but a healthy gut is essential for optimal physical and mental performance. Both of which are still necessary in and outside of the office. At Agora, we know a thing or two about employee wellness in the workplace–especially when it comes to...

July 27, 2023