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Tame the Mess, Boost the Flow: Organization Hacks for a Productive Office Breakroom

The office breakroom can be a vital hub for employee well-being and collaboration. But let’s face it, a disorganized breakroom can quickly become a source of frustration and lost productivity. Misplaced items, overflowing cabinets, and spilled coffee grounds – sound familiar?  Fear not, fellow organizers and feng shui enthusiasts! Here are some simple hacks to transform your office breakroom into a haven of efficiency and Zen.


Streamline Your Beverage Stations:

Embrace User-Friendly Appliances: Ditch the outdated coffee maker that brews mystery concoctions. Invest in intuitive coffee machines like those from De Jong Duke, Bravilor Bonamat, and Nespresso. Their automated settings ensure consistent quality and eliminate guesswork. Have a busy breakroom where people will line up at the coffee machine? Nespresso might have the perfect solution! Try its automated setting that intuitively brews the perfect style of coffee for the capsule you choose. Learn how by clicking HERE. Plus, Nespresso capsule holders keep your countertop organized and pods within reach.


Tips on Positioning Appliances to Create Feng Shui: The arrangement of your kitchen, along with the choice of colors and materials, jointly contribute to enhancing the overall flow. Jennifer A. Emmer, an interior designer and Feng Shui expert, recommends maintaining a six-to-eight-foot gap between each countertop appliance, promoting maximum convenience and minimizing repetitive movements. Also, consider incorporating real or artificial plants into the room to bring a sense of life and serenity to the space.                                                                                                                               


Think Compact & Efficient: Counter space is precious. Consider countertop systems like the Bevi, offering flavored, still and sparkling water. Kegerators for ciders, kombuchas, beer, and wine on tap can easily be installed in countertops for a subtle, clean look. The Vi2 Tap is a similar concept to the Keg, but it can transform your existing water faucet into a sparkling water source. However, for a truly innovative option, explore Marco Beverage Systems, like the Friia or Pour’d. These sleek, space-saving innovations have the capabilities to serve hot, cold, sparkling, and drinks from concentrate like tea, espresso, or cold brew! All from a single small tap.


Conquer Communal Chaos:

Labeling is Key: Label cabinets, drawers, and shelves with clear and concise labels using a label maker or signage. It’s a simple yet effective way to reduce confusion and wasted time searching for supplies.


Bin It Up: Drawer bin organizers are your allies! They help compartmentalize utensils, condiments, and other frequently used items, keeping things tidy and accessible. Also, consider Agora’s stylish storage baskets for a decorative touch. While a spotless office breakroom is fantastic to see, a truly organized space– including well spaced appliances, tidy drawers, cabinets, and refrigerator sings a symphony. Open any cabinet, drawer, or pantry door, and the vibrant energy resonates – an orchestra of tools ready to compose a wonderful and relaxing  snack or drink.     

Office breakroom

Color: Choosing a color palette for a room involves considering the unique energy of each space. Colors play a significant role in influencing our moods, behaviors, and physiological reactions. In the workplace, certain colors like green and blue are linked to calmness, productivity, and creativity. Soothing tones that increase focus like browns or beiges promote calmness and concentration. Though studies done at Lund University in Sweden show that adding small pops of vibrant color can enhance visual interest. For instance, yellow is considered an optimistic color that fosters creativity and information retention, so it is ideal for collaborative areas. Red, on the other hand, is recommended for active workspaces, attracting attention and energizing workers. So choose colors wisely to create the desired work environment!


Vertical is the New Horizontal: Maximize space with stylish vertical stand-alone shelving. These units provide ample storage without sacrificing valuable floor space. Agora offers a variety of options to complement your office breakroom’s aesthetic.

Snack assortment for offices

Bonus Tip: Foster a culture of responsibility by encouraging everyone to clean up after themselves. Place clear instructions and reminders near appliances and disposal areas. Consider labels and signs that compliment the aesthetic of the environment they are in.


By implementing these organization hacks, you’ll create an office breakroom that promotes productivity, collaboration, calmness and style. Remember, a well-organized breakroom is a happy breakroom. This will evidently lead to a thriving environment with more productive employees. So, roll up your sleeves, take out your phone, and call Agora to help you tame the mess and boost the flow of your workspace. The best hack of all! 😉 

Looking for the perfect appliances and storage solutions? Agora has you covered. Browse our extensive selection  and transform your office breakroom today!