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Pantry Services

Elevating Your Office Refreshment Experience

At Agora Refreshments, we are passionate about providing you with a delightful and hassle-free office breakroom refreshment experience. That’s why we have carefully curated a team of exceptional in-house Merchandisers who go the extra mile to provide ease in the busiest of office breakrooms. 

Merchandisers are tasked with keeping things organized: restocking snack shelves, replenishing beverages, and managing the coffee program.

Merchandisers ensure quality and freshness by checking for expiration dates and rotating stock. 

Merchandisers save your company time and money so your team can focus on the core business, and not your breakroom.

The Pantry Service Includes

  1. An assigned customer experience person to contact at any time
  2. An Agora merchandiser
  3. Robust restocking and merchandising services
  4. The reduction or elimination of  a client’s in-house labor for snack & beverage program
  5. A customized snack program based off specific parameters – including budget, product mix, and delivery cadence.


Let Agora transform your refreshment program into an extraordinary office experience!

Shelf display with snacks from Agora Refreshments' Snack Services

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