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Must-Have Refreshment Equipment for Modern Breakrooms of 2024

As workplaces get smarter with AI, innovative refreshment equipment and technologies are also evolving, becoming crucial tools for boosting employee well-being, productivity, and engagement. Especially as we enter into 2024, the most important piece of creating a happy and relaxing office breakroom is providing quality refreshment options. Spaces with nutritious snacks and beverages elevate environments and ensure positive experiences that make visitors feel comfortable and satisfied. Forget ping-pong! Refreshment tech is the new frontier of employee perks, and in the battle for talent, cutting-edge refreshment technology trumps stale snacks and lukewarm coffee every time. This year’s must-have modern refreshment systems are more inspiring than ever—sure to leave employees and visitors excited to return! 

Here’s a Look at Our Tech Top Picks for Office Breakrooms in 2024: 

Modernized Classics: The Coffee Systems

Macro Beverage Systems: The Pour’D coffee system and the FRIIA  sparkling water system by Marco Beverage offer sleek and space-efficient solutions for any location! Marco Beverage Systems are made to be simple and non-intrusive; with their single faucet and 3-button design, they truly make life easy. Compatible with any syrup or concentrate coffee source, choose from cold brew, hot coffee, tea, or sparkling water with the push of a button. Macro Beverage Systems’ cutting-edge technologies serve to save tons of space and do a great service to the environment by reducing waste!

Ansā Micro Roaster: This innovative machine puts new meaning behind “freshly roasted” coffee. With on-demand roasting technology, the revolutionary Ansā swiftly cooks coffee beans using dielectric heating to create a perfect roast. Whether it’s creating a light, medium, or dark roast, the automated process is controlled by AI to produce roasts that are consistent across each bean every time. Delivering deliciously fresh flavors, the compact Ansā micro-roaster is leading a new era of hyper-local roasting. Without the giant infrastructure or byproducts, such as ambient heat, noise, or smoke, this machine is perfect for those in search of amazingly fresh and sustainable coffee. Ansā  is perfect for creative coffee lovers to experiment and enjoy in a coffee shop or office breakroom.

La Marzocco Coffee Machine: A Pacific Northwest company with Italian design, La Marzocco is known for its exceptional quality and durability. The Linea PB pushes the boundaries of espresso with its cutting-edge stainless steal design, unwavering reliability, and meticulous craftsmanship. From Americanos to lattes, it’s known as the creme de la creme of espresso machines. La Marzocco Linea PB truly is a statement piece for any coffee shop or barista lounge.


Enticing Innovations: The Indulgences 

Cold Snap Ice Cream Machine: An eagerly awaited favorite, now available in 2024 is the ColdSnap. Coldsnap is a single-serve, personalized frozen treat system that uses rapid freezing technology to transform high-quality liquid product mixes (including fresh cream and real fruit juices) into frozen treats in a SNAP! The shelf-stable canisters that accompany the machine come in a variety of flavors and frozen treat options like smoothies,  protein shakes, ice cream, shakes, frozen cocktails, and non-dairy desserts. Not to mention, ColdSnap canisters are infinitely recyclable. This innovative technology is great for any office breakroom, waitroom lobby, hotel room, or space where people may crave a sweet treat!

Wine Connoisseur: This sophisticated machine is for wine aficionados and novices alike! It’s a sustainable solution that preserves, aerates, dispenses, and chills the perfect glass of wine. The Wine Connoisseur system offers a wide range of vintages and varietals from esteemed winemakers around the world. Ideal for hotels, executive lounges, bridal stores, spas, and office breakrooms—this technology adds finesse, luxury, and relaxation to any space.

Agora Refreshments Can Help You Stock Your Office Breakroom With The Best Refreshment Equipment in the Industry!

In 2024, the key to a successful office breakroom is having a quality refreshment technology lineup. Whether it’s a frozen treat, a sleek beverage dispenser, a sophisticated glass of wine, or the freshest roast on the market– Agora Refreshment Services has solutions for it all! We understand the importance of keeping your team, clients, customers, and guests refreshed, motivated, and satisfied. So, let us help you create a relaxing refreshment oasis wherever you are! 

If your business is located in Seattle or Portland metro areas, and you’re interested in any of the above products, contact us by emailing