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Office Snack Services

Let's get snacking!

Office perks don’t have to be complicated! Providing healthy, trending snacks for your employees is an easy way to show your team appreciation. Keep up company morale, while also keeping up productivity. Agora’s office snack services program is customized based on your needs, and specifications.

Agora’s snacks vary from grab-and-go bars, chips, sweets, breakfast items, and more!

We customize your budget based on your office usage levels.

Replenish options for daily, 3x a week, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Snack Staging

Agora’s unique office snack services and office snack delivery allow you to spend more time focused on your business, and less time stocking up your breakroom. With our white glove stocking pantry services, we restock your pantry for you, we only fill what you need based on your account’s par level. 

Worried about the visual appearance of the snacks? No worries. We can also provide shelves, baskets, snack racks, etc. to blend in with your office aesthetics to neatly display your snacks for an inviting approach. 

Shelf display with snacks from Agora Refreshments' Snack Services

Now Offering Fresh Fruit

Market Fresh Fruit – Healthy Office Snacks is a small, local family-run company with “roots” in the Pike Place Market. Our clients report an increase in retention and engagement because through our weekly service they give their team a healthy choice over the mindless eating- the empty calories, granola bars, or even candy stash- that tempt workers throughout the day. We repack it into small parcels for quick in-office dispersal. It’s a low cost, easy and turn-key way to eat healthy at work. Various package sizes are available.

Snacks Your Team Will Love!


How do you know how much product we will need?

At the beginning of your onboarding with Agora, we will walk through your office break room space with you and work with you in understanding your usage levels. We’ll also take into account your monthly minimum (budget) you are hoping to spend for your employees. Then, we set up your account on par levels and calculating the number of snacks you will receive per month so you are never overstocked or underdelivered. 

How often do you deliver?

We deliver on a frequency based on your office’s usage levels which we help decide during the initial setup of your account. Typically, bi-weekly or monthly is the most common delivery pattern.

What kind of snacks do you offer?

We offer a wide variety of healthy, trendy snacks along with everyone’s favorite guilty pleasures. From on-the-go bars to chips, crackers, and sweet treats, there is something for everyone’s taste buds. We also have vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and other snack allergies or diet restricted snacks available.

How much will we be spending?

This is completely customizable based on your office size, and demand. Our account managers will work with you to find a budget you’re comfortable spending every month. 

What if we already have enough of a certain product?

If you are already stocked with a product, we will not deliver any more of that product until it’s needed. For example, if your par level is set to 3 boxes of cookies every two weeks, and we arrive on site and there are already 2 boxes, we will only deliver 1 box. Our highly trained coffee representatives will always double-check all your products to ensure you have enough, or not too many.

Do you offer shelves or snack storage?

Yes! The days of shoving snacks in the breakroom cabinets are over. We will work with you to select snack racks, baskets, etc. to fit your office design. We know the importance of keeping your office space yours so we’ll make it look great!