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The Coffee Lovers Guide: Agora Refreshments Top 3 Brands & Blends

At Agora Refreshments, we know the importance of a great cup of coffee, and we’re proud to offer a wide range of brands and roasts that are distinctive, local, and delicious. September 29, 2023 is National Coffee Day, so we’re highlighting our recent best-selling coffee brands and roasts that have become beloved amongst our clientele–Caffe Umbria Artisan Roasters, Langskip Koffee, and Coava Coffee

Caffe Umbria (GUSTO CREMA BLEND), is a Seattle-based roaster with family roots that goes back to Perugia, Italy in the 1940s. Roaster Emanuele Bizzarri moved to Seattle from Italy as a third-generation coffee roaster, and through Caffe Umbria, he continued the family tradition. Caffe Umbria’s coffee captures the essence of Italian-style espresso and coffee in every cup. The Gusto Crema Blend has delicious tasting notes that come from a heritage that guarantees consistency in flavor as well as premium coffee beans that beautifully combine together to bring out the best of their individual characteristics. This roast is defined by its creaminess and its smooth flavor notes of milk chocolate and dried fig. Our customers rave that it is best when brewed as an espresso or a rich drip-style cup.

Langskip Koffee (UFF DA), is another Seattle coffee roaster that is beloved by our customers. The new roaster’s popularity grew through both their whole bean blends and their incredible cold brew. All of Langskip’s coffee beans come from fair trade farms and each of their roasts are done in small batches, to ensure every bean is roasted to perfection. With the pride of their Norwegian heritage and their Seattle roots riding on their success, the Langskip Koffee creators, inspired by the fearless adventurists before them, made a bold coffee bean roast as their first coffee creation. The Uff Da. This dark roast quickly became the company’s most popular blend for its big body, rich chocolates, and it’s warming cinnamon notes. Clients gush over its impeccable taste when brewed as a drip or press. The Langskip Koffee brand is definitely one to keep an eye on, as they are known for their ability to shift the tide and create unique, unexpected, and utterly delightful blends.

Cova Coffee (S.O. Blend) was established in Portland, OR by Matt Higgins. A veteran barista and roaster, Higgins studied agriculture, best farm practices, and sustainable business before starting his small-batch roastery in a garage in 2008. With humble beginnings, Coava’s brand has grown in popularity for it’s quality standards and freshness. The Coava brand is known to source responsibly, creating amazing relationships with the coffee farming communities. Their recently re-imagined signature blend, or S.O. Blend, as they like to call it, has been greatly favored by Agora clients for its beautifully balanced acidity and its seasonally reflective tasting notes of Honeycrisp apple, caramel, and chocolate-covered fruits. When asked, Coava coffee connoisseurs say it is best enjoyed as a drip coffee.

Each of these brands brings something unique to the table, but they all share local roots, a dedication to quality, and a true passion for the art of coffee. We are proud to offer these top-selling coffee brands to our clients. If you haven’t had a chance to sip on these bestsellers, why not try one (or all three) and find out why they’ve earned the top spots? After all, life’s too short for mediocre coffee!

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