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Snacks & Coffee, Delivered

Remote Breakroom is the nation’s leading snack box delivery service. In a few easy clicks, you can send office breakroom essentials like snacks, tea, and coffee straight to the doors of the people you care about. We hand select modern, healthy, and trendy snacks that are sure to satisfy. And our coffee & tea assortment comes from the best roasters and growers around the world.

Intuitive platform to easily set up snack boxes to send to hundreds of in minutes!

FREE Shipping nationally

Add custom note to every box at no extra cost

Snacks for Everyone

Office Box

Snacks & Coffee

Snacks & Loose Leaf Tea

Personal Box

Remote Breakroom Snack Box with a variety of snacks in front of the box. Snacks include Lesser Evil Popcorn, Made Good Granola Bites, Wonderful Pistachios, Think Jerky, Good Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips, and other healthy snack options.

Office Box

The Office Box is perfect for hybrid workspaces looking to offer employees coming in and out of the office a little pick me up without the hassle of stocking snacks. Filled with a variety of 60+ snacks so you can easily open the box and leave it out to share!

Remote Breakroom snack box showcasing a variety of snacks with options for coffee, including Caffe Umbria Ground Coffee, and single serve Kcups.

Snacks & Coffee

The Snacks & Coffee Box is perfect to send out to remote employees, client appreciation, new hires, or just about anyone! Filled with 15+ snacks and your choice of ground coffee or Kcups.

Remote Breakroom snack box with a variety of snacks, and Teaja Loose Leaf Tea.

Snacks & Loose Leaf Tea

The Snacks & LooseLeaf Tea Box is filled with an assortment of 15+ snacks plus a 2oz bag of one of Teaja’s teas and a pack of compostable tea bags for you to fill.

Remote Breakroom snack box with a variety of healthy products.

Personal Box

The Personal Box is perfect to send off to the whole team with its variety of 15+ healthy, trendy snacks. We also accommodate any and all dietary restrictions and allergens.

Remote Breakroom Teams

We’ve streamlined the process for group ordering with Remote Breakroom Teams. Whether you’re sending treats to your employees, hosting a virtual event, or impressing prospective clients, sending snacks, coffee, and tea to hundreds (even thousands!) of people has never been easier.

Save Time
Say goodbye to individual checkouts! With Remote Breakroom Teams, add groups of people to a bulk order with one easy click. Recipients can confirm their own shipping details and box preferences without the tedious back and forth.
Fully Customized
We've created snack box options to fit budgets of all sizes. Simply pick a price point that works for you and your team. We also provide snack options to satisfy any dietary restrictions so everyone can enjoy!
Total Control
Select how often you want boxes to be sent. One-time orders are perfect for virtual events or new client prospecting. Recurring subscriptions are great for keeping employees fueled and happy every month.