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A Tour of Nossa Familia Roastry: Agora’s Newest Coffee Partner

The Tour On November 2nd, 2023 our Agora Team had the exciting honor of touring the roastery of our newest coffee partner, Nossa Familia. Based in Portland, but founded by Brazilian native, Augusto Carneiro, Nossa Familia is the first B Corp-certified coffee roaster in the state of Oregon. An early established pioneer in the PNW...

November 17, 2023


How To Recognize High Quality Coffee at Your Workplace

It’s no surprise that coffee practically runs every employee’s day-to-day functionality. Employees heavily rely on office coffee to get them through the day. If this is something your business is already spending money on, why not make it worthwhile. As we all know the better the office perks, the better employee retention. Happy employees =...

April 28, 2022


What Health Trends Will Be Popular In 2022?

Health trends go up and down from kale to superfoods, gut health to low-fat diets. What will be the new trends in 2022? This article will offer some insight into what health trends might be popular this year. Plant-Based Creativity In a recent study, some consumers ranked environmental concerns above their health. Since consumers think...

January 19, 2022

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7 Coffee Facts You Didn’t Know

7 Coffee Facts You Didn’t Know Coffee is one of the most known and consumed beverages. What’s a morning without a cup of coffee? Its rich, creamy taste and gratifying aroma are qualities known and appreciated by most. Like some good luck charm, most people drink coffee to start their day. Or, other times, coffee...

June 2, 2021

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6 Ways To Improve Your Office Culture

6 Ways To Improve Your Office Culture Building a positive, constructive Office Culture takes way more than just hiring employees with the right resumes. If you happen to be running an office in 2021, there are two facts you certainly need to be aware of: (1) Millenials now make up around 40% of the workplace,...

April 30, 2021

Agora / Industry Updates

Sparkling Water With the Bevi

Our most loved office amenity when the weather gets warmer is our sparkling water system, the Bevi. The Bevi is the perfect combination of health, taste, convenience, and sustainability. 

April 16, 2021

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