“You guys are really dedicated and know the urgency for your product. You go out of your way for us and keep the machines in tip top shape. I haven’t crossed any problem you weren’t able to fix.”

For Agora, it’s all about our customers. Reliable service and quality products ensure that our customers stay happy. However, you don’t have to take our word for it…

Biopharmaceutical Company / Office Coordinator

When I first arrived at this company (2 years ago), we were a company of 90 people at one location. We had a brewer/grinder coffee system that we rented from a different refreshment services company. It got the job done, but was constantly breaking down and took FOREVER to brew. As we grew, so did our caffeine needs. We were finding that we needed a larger/faster brewing system and a company that was a little more attentive to the needs that came with our explosive growth. We are now a company of 500+, across three locations. I didn’t have the capacity to take inventory/stock for three locations and was having to hand hold our vendors because supplies were constantly running low or would be forgotten at delivery. Enter in Agora. Matt provided us with a coffee/tea system that was faster, could hold more supplies, that was cheaper and most importantly EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE. The best! From Matt, to our weekly delivery guys, to the installers, everyone is FANTASTIC. No hand holding. They get in, get the job done – no issues no complaints. If we need anything, ANYTHING. The Agora team is ON it same day. Sometimes I call Agora when something needs to be fixed/stocked (this is Rare), I swear I turn around and it’s done, they sneak it and just do it. I can’t tell you how much of relief that is. I promise you will have no regrets with this company.

Engineering Firm / Administrative Assistant

We weren’t necessarily unhappy with our prior service when we decided to speak with you, but from your enthusiastic accommodation of our request for a coffee tasting to your dedication to providing service based on what our actual needs were within our price point we couldn’t be happier that we switched to Agora. Matt has been properly attentive and quick to respond any time I’ve had a question, he is always low-pressure, well-informed and willing to work with our needs and schedule while suggesting services that we are actually interested in. I am glad to see those same qualities in the people who come out to replenish our supplies and service our machines who have been friendly, efficient and professional. This has been an unbelievably hassle-free coffee, water and tea service from day one, it practically runs itself, which is about the highest recommendation I can give as an office admin in a very busy office.

Consulting & Engineering Firm / Office Manager

We would like to thank you and your staff for creating a seamless transition from our previous coffee vendor to Agora.
The difference in vendors has been night and day for us. We appreciate your dedication and honesty, Brian’s friendliness and attention to detail and Betsy’s communication and follow through. In addition, our staff has been enjoying the new coffee flavors and having a consistent supply of inventory.
The customer service that we have experienced has been the highest of quality and has maintained throughout the whole time you have been serving our account, just as you originally promised. This allows us the time to focus on more pertinent business related tasks over vendor resolutions. As a result, it is our pleasure to recommend Agora as a solid and reliable choice in the beverage industry.

Insurance Company

We have worked with several other large coffee and water service providers and have historically received very poor customer service. Admittedly, I was hesitant to meet with you when you first contacted me. In my mind, one vending company was the same as any other. I was focused solely on the bottom line in the beginning, and you initially won me over with your very competitive pricing. Having only worked with you a few months, I can tell you that I am so happy with my decision to switch. You didn’t just contract us into service then forget about us. You answer every call and email expeditiously and take care of all my need happily and timely. I have been so impressed with the service your company provides. I have had contact with your delivery driver, your installation technician and someone who was in your accounting department, and each of those employees treated me and my requests as though I was the only client they had to work with, much the way you do. Speaking as someone who has had to email and call past vendors multiple times just to get a response, you can’t imagine how wonderful it is to work with such responsive people.
I know we are in great hands with Agora.

Management Consulting Firm / Owner

We have had your water system in our office for approximately four months. I just wanted to let you know what an improvement it us from our previous water system.
We have enjoyed much better tasting water quality as well as our team-members, nor I, no longer have to wrestle with the 42lb. jugs of water. Not only were the bottles cumbersome, they were dirty often, which soiled our clothes.
Thank you Andrew, for suggesting your water system to us and making our lives a little better.

Food Distribution Center / Purchasing Manager

After many years of using other bottle water services, and fighting delivery schedules, little to no dispenser unit maintenance, we decided to switch to Agora. Since having made the switch the employees have been extremely happy with the ease of not having to deal with replacing bottles, cold or hot filtered water readily available, and in fact we have gone to a second unit so as to accommodate a second floor of people who just wanted their own unit. Even with the second unit we are still saving money over the other bottle water month bills.

Manufacturing Company / Executive Assistant

You guys are really dedicated and know the urgency for your product. You go out of your way for us and keep the machines in tip top shape. I haven’t crossed any problem you weren’t able to fix. Every delivery guy is friendly and know the product and the machine. I really appreciate your fast and friendly service! 🙂

Real Estate Office/ Office Admin

I just wanted to drop a line to you to commend you and your staff on everything you’ve done for us.
Thank you for your immediate attention with a phone call and making suggestions to help us with our needs. The crew that you had out on April 12th was very professional and polite and is a wonderful reflection of your company.
It is truly refreshing to have again a company that cares and offers customer service.

Office Manager

I just want to tell you how we feel about Agora, your product, and your staff.
The system is exactly what we desired: the water is the right temperature and tastes so good; the system has performed perfectly, no leaks, no trouble, no questions; and you have met every question or need with customer service that is as fresh and clean as the water provided.
I can’t say enough about you and the folks in your office. We save money every month over the old system of bottled water, with a better product and no environmental waste. The price quoted to us is the price we see, no hidden charges or fees, which is refreshing as well.
I highly recommend Agora to anyone considering installation – taste and see!

Office Manager/ HR Assistant

Agora was the best decision we could have made when it came to supplying water for our company. I wish it was throughout all floors of the company. Their sales staff is great! There was no pressure and they were well-educated in the field of water purification. It’s great how refreshing the water taste. It’s awesome to have hot water at a single touch. We appreciate how their team came to our worksite and evaluated the best positioning of the machine, we have a small kitchen and are limited on space.