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July 27, 2023 | Mackenzie Mora

The terms, “gut health,” and “microbiome,” are words usually reserved for medical dialogue, but a healthy gut is essential for optimal physical and mental performance. Both of which are still necessary in and outside of the office. At Agora, we know a thing or two about employee wellness in the workplace–especially when it comes to...

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June 22, 2023 | Mackenzie Mora

  Water — the essence of vitality. It is the fuel that keeps us going throughout the day (besides coffee, of course). It keeps our bodies healthy and our minds clear. Whether you’re at the office, at an appointment, or in a community building, staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining focus, productivity, and overall well-being....

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May 16, 2023 | Mackenzie Mora

What’s Trending in the Office Break Rooms of 2023 In the fast-paced world of modern workplaces, companies are realizing the importance of providing convenient and refreshing amenities for their employees. The idea of office refreshments has come a long way from the traditional single-pot stale coffee and candy vending machines. Smart companies know that breakrooms...

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August 4, 2022 | Cynthia Heng

Employee’s Favorite Office Sparkling Water System Got an Upgrade Employees are raving about Bevi’s launch of their Bevi 2.0 earlier this summer, an elevated version of their older freestanding model. The system offers all the same great features with a sleeker, more innovative appearance leaving a lasting impression. Features we love: 1. Still or Sparkling?...

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April 28, 2022 | Cynthia Heng

It’s no surprise that coffee practically runs every employee’s day-to-day functionality. Employees heavily rely on office coffee to get them through the day. If this is something your business is already spending money on, why not make it worthwhile. As we all know the better the office perks, the better employee retention. Happy employees =...

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January 19, 2022 | Cynthia Heng

Health trends go up and down from kale to superfoods, gut health to low-fat diets. What will be the new trends in 2022? This article will offer some insight into what health trends might be popular this year. Plant-Based Creativity In a recent study, some consumers ranked environmental concerns above their health. Since consumers think...

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