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About The Agora Team

Serving Breakrooms in Seattle & Portland.

Our Story

Agora Refreshments provides coffee and snack services for commercial businesses along the I-5 corridor from Seattle to Portland. The Greek word Agora means “a gathering place,” the vision for this family-owned business, originating in Seattle, 2009. We continuously strive to be the best in the industry even a decade later, with recognition from Puget Sound Business Journal’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies three consecutive years, and other mentions in Automatic Merchandiser, NAMA, and more. Offering breakrooms full service, with choices for filtered water, premium coffee, ice, and kegerator systems.

Plus, various snacks and beverages with scheduled deliveries and exceptional white-glove stocking amenities. We partner with the best local and national roasters as the reputation of coffee in the Pacific Northwest is renowned. Commending the aspect of creating company unity, by encouraging companies to implement kegerators to host in-office happy hours with options of beer, wine, cider, kombucha, and cold brew coffee. Agora’s ambition to create an experience for offices drives our noteworthy customer service while striving to discover unique solutions to satisfy every individual client’s needs. 

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Our Mission & Vision

Why Choose Agora

We pride ourselves in customer service. Our clients connect with an Agora Representative every time they call, and we will address questions or concerns, promptly.

You make the changes: with the use of our controlled system – your order history is always saved, and changes can easily be made to fit your needs.

Exceptional white-glove stocking amenity: You order, we deliver, stock and replenish for you on your scheduled delivery date.

Questions about your account? Your account manager is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Agora organizes a maintenance schedule to clean your brewers, kegerators, or swap out your airpots, keeping your systems up to par.

Track your order history through your own customer portal:
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Agora’s Vision

Agora’s vision is to become the market innovator and leader in the refreshment markets that we operate. We will continually seek to invest in technology to make us more responsive, lean, and grow so that we can optimize the overall service experience for our clients. We want to drive revolutionary programs that disrupt the status quo, and focus on sustainability, providing healthier options, and supplying customer satisfaction.

We want to grow swiftly through a motivated sales force without sacrificing quality or our obligation to those who support us. We are not satisfied with anything less than excellence and should follow through from every point of contact. Lastly, we will return our success through goodwill programs that support our community and the greater good.

Cool things down this summer with the Wellsys WS 15000!⁠
The all in one water and ice system, features:⁠
🔹SafeTouch surface protection with silver ion antimicrobial technology⁠
🔹Chewable ice up to 125 lbs per day with 7 lbs of storage⁠
🔹LED UV tank sanitization helps keep the water reservoir clean⁠
🔹Drainless technology allows freedom of placement⁠
🔹Available with an optional base cabinet to make free-standing⁠
🔹Only 17.5″ high – fits under standard cabinets⁠
Fill out the form in the link in bio to learn more!
It's Bevi Season! ⁠
Connect with us to learn more about @getbevi's sparkling flavored water system! 🍓🥝🍒
Set your office snacks up for success with Agora's Snack Set-up! ⁠
We have all the accessories you need to organize and display your snacks while keeping your breakroom aesthetics intact. Connect with our team to learn more about our offerings, and get started with us today!
Simple and organized ✔️⁠
Stocking your breakroom with snacks doesn't have to mean large shelves or pantry space. We work with what you have, and with our Snack Program, we help select baskets and racks that fit your office aesthetic!
It's time to learn about the tasting elements of quality coffee. We're sharing a quick guide so you can test out your office coffee. Visit the link in the bio to read the blog!
We like this, we like it a lot. 🙂

The De Jong Duke Nio with milk attachment, paired with the Follett ice and water machine for the perfect duo any office needs. 

Reach out to our team or fill out the form to learn more about our coffee and water services - link in bio!
The De Jong Duke Zia can be found in many of our client's offices, and here's why:⁠
Three coffee variations⁠
Two whole bean grinders⁠
10.4” full-color touchscreen⁠
Cup sensor⁠
Branding on the display screen⁠
The touchless feature allows you to scan a QR code on the display screen to create drinks right off your phone!⁠
Plus, make cafe-quality mochas, cappuccinos, espressos and so much more.⁠
We recently updated our logo‼️‼️ Still us with a little more flare :)

Our Values & Service Promise

Agora’s Core Values

  • Be positive and solution-oriented
  • Promote actions that contribute to the growth and overall success of Agora
  • Be a team player
  • Be Ethical
  • Be your best “you” every day
  • Promote effective communication
  • Listen to our customers, they are our greatest asset
  • Promote a safe, fun, and healthy work environment

Our Service Promise

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Customer Service
  • Family Owned and Local
  • High-End Premium Product Selection
  • Focus On Environmentally friendly products and
    global responsibility
  • The “new age” break room concept
  • Technological advancement

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