Drinking on the job isn’t just for the fictional characters of “Mad Men” anymore. This exciting Seattle trend allows for colleagues to let loose and actually enjoy themselves in the workplace! No more slugging around and waiting for the clock to hit 5pm, a glass of wine or beer in the cubicle is exactly what YOU need to make the workday more enjoyable.

In-office happy hours make for a positive and productive employee. There have been many extensive studies that show how positive attitude leads to better job performance (surprise, surprise!). Sipping on alcoholic drinks at work creates a sense of work environment that is not only FUN, but also allows colleagues to foster internal connections with one another. (I mean, how awesome would it be to actually be friends with your fellow colleagues at work?!) This friendly atmosphere increases one’s positive attitude and creates a productive work environment, which is desirable in the eyes of the common employer.

Today’s research on the subject shows that employees who drink on the job are more productive and even offer better insight; In addition to creative ideas that otherwise wouldn’t have been explored without the help of liquid courage. Companies like Yelp, ABC News, and Google are great examples of tremendous productivity and success while participating in this new office culture trend. According to software engineer at Google, “drinking is just part of the job at Google.” He explains that ‘Googlers’ also celebrate a “TGIF” every Friday, where booze flows abundantly throughout the campus.

I know all of us can’t work for one of the most successful companies in the world, but we can foster some of the same day-to-day culture values that they implement, like ensuring your employees that it’s not “all work and no play.” Whether it’s for office celebrations like reaching a company goal, a colleague’s birthday, or it’s the afternoon and you finished your work early; an in-office happy hour is exactly what your company needs if it’s lacking enthusiasm and productivity!

Let your friends at Agora Refreshments help you become the office hero by implementing this office trend into your workplace.



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