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What Health Trends Will Be Popular In 2022?

Health trends go up and down from kale to superfoods, gut health to low-fat diets. What will be the new trends in 2022? This article will offer some insight into what health trends might be popular this year.

Plant-Based Creativity

In a recent study, some consumers ranked environmental concerns above their health. Since consumers think of plant-based fare as better for the planet, 2022 may see a surge in expanded, optimized variations of plant-based products. As a result, health food stores and greengrocers will evolve into plant-centered supermarkets, while fast-food restaurants will start to offer vegan options on their menus to remain competitive.

Tech Use

Innovations in technology and gadgets are increasingly improving health and well-being. A fitness tracker could tell you how many steps you took for the day, or a watch could monitor your heart rate. Companies use AI and innovative tech, and clients consult apps for customized health and nutrition choices. The advancement of technology has triggered creativity in the health, food, and beverage industries, which will continue to expand in 2022. Agora’s hands-free implementation of all of its systems has mirrored the world’s current state, and we are always on the hunt for innovations as they arise.

Consumers in Charge

People will not only be taking more control over their treatment and preventative care, but they’ll also have a better understanding of what they stand for. Coupled with big-data advances, these factors will put consumers squarely in charge. They also consider the company’s social and ethical values. In 2022, people will continue to support companies that pursue value, sustainability, and a positive environmental impact.

Product Mashups

Did you notice some mashup items on store shelves? Examples are coffee-infused pop, macaroni, cheese candy, and “anything bagel” ice cream. From cereals to drinks, consumers crave new sensory experiences and flavor discovery. Food innovators could keep coming up with food and beverages that feature out-of-the-box flavor combinations into 2022.


According to a recent consumer survey, six in 10 consumers worldwide are increasing their search for immune-boosting products. The concerns surrounding Covid-19 have influenced food and beverage trends over the past year, and there’s every chance the immune-boosting product trend will continue to play a significant role. As we constantly introduce new products to our clients, we are always open to hearing about new snack items that may benefit health and productivity.

Sugar Substitutions

The trend to minimize sugar consumption has companies trying to reduce sugar amounts in their products. Allulose, FDA approved and keto-friendly is a relatively new sugar replacement. Allulose will likely be available in various forms and several new products.

Barley Milk

In addition to rice and oat milk, barley milk may be a popular option in 2022. Grain kinds of milk are sustainable milk alternatives, and producers are looking for innovative new grains to use. Barley, which thrives in harsh climates, is an ideal choice.


Sustainability is a massive consumer trend in health, food, and all industries. Upcycling is the use of surplus elements and byproducts that would usually have been thrown away. Some companies are upcycling by using spent grains from breweries to make grain milk and flour.

A renewed and intensified focus on ethical, environmental, and social concerns will be factored into consumers’ health and food choices in 2022. The new year ahead will reflect the contexts and needs of a health-seeking, environmentally conscious culture. Agora strives to be aware of these unique and upcoming trends to serve our clients better and encourage health, productivity, sustainability, and ethical practices.

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