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July 10, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

The office party: a chance to unwind with colleagues, celebrate achievements, and maybe even bond over favorite songs and snacks. But let’s be honest, planning and attending office parties can sometimes feel…well, forced. In 2024, let’s ditch the awkwardness and throw an office party that’s worth the effort! Here are some tips to get you...

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June 11, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

The Pacific Northwest is a haven for craft beer and cider lovers. From the crisp lagers of Portland to the award-winning IPAs of Seattle, there’s a taste for every palate. And with Agora’s Local Beer & Cider Keg Services, bringing the best of the Northwest to your office breakroom is easier than ever.  Agora provides...

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May 8, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

Staying hydrated is crucial for maintaining focus and energy levels throughout the workday. That’s why purified office water dispensers are becoming a sought-after amenity in modern breakrooms. Not only do they provide easy access to clean, refreshing water, but they also are a more sustainable alternative to bottled water. Trending Office Water Dispensers Agora Refreshments...

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March 19, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

In the hustle and bustle of the office environment, a quick and nutritious snack can be the perfect remedy for an energy slump. When your energy levels are suddenly diving faster than your attention span, you’ll need a pick-me-up that won’t let you down later. Fear not, weary worker!  Whether you’re looking for protein-packed power...

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February 12, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

The office breakroom can be a vital hub for employee well-being and collaboration. But let’s face it, a disorganized breakroom can quickly become a source of frustration and lost productivity. Misplaced items, overflowing cabinets, and spilled coffee grounds – sound familiar?  Fear not, fellow organizers and feng shui enthusiasts! Here are some simple hacks to...

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January 10, 2024 | Mackenzie Mora

As workplaces get smarter with AI, innovative refreshment equipment and technologies are also evolving, becoming crucial tools for boosting employee well-being, productivity, and engagement. Especially as we enter into 2024, the most important piece of creating a happy and relaxing office breakroom is providing quality refreshment options. Spaces with nutritious snacks and beverages elevate environments...

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