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6 Ways To Improve Your Office Culture

6 Ways To Improve Your Office Culture

Building a positive, constructive Office Culture takes way more than just hiring employees with the right resumes. If you happen to be running an office in 2021, there are two facts you certainly need to be aware of: (1) Millenials now make up around 40% of the workplace, and (2) Millenials care way more about office culture than you might think!

Looking to learn more about how you can improve your office culture (and make your employees less envious of Google)? We’re here to help you out. This article breaks down Highly Effective Ways To Improve Your Office Culture.

Personalize the Space

Here’s the thing: employees tend to be much more productive when they’re happy. And personalizing your space has just that effect. Despite all the safety regulations and restrictions your company must follow – it’s not impossible to infuse the office space with a touch of your company’s personality. All of this doesn’t just boost current employees’ productivity and acts as a tool for recruiting new ones. When a potential employee walks into the office space, their first impression must be lasting!

Start with adding greenery. It has been proven by many studies that are caring for plants has a positive effect on our overall well-being. Bring that spirit into your office. Many shade-friendly plants like Snake Plant and English Ivy will thrive even if they’re not placed next to a window.

Next, focus on lighting and temperature. Everyone knows from personal experience that uncomfortable temperatures or lighting can make it *impossible* to stay energized or concentrate on work. Don’t make people sit under a flickering fluorescent ceiling light! As for natural light – too much direct sunlight will cause eye strain and make computer screens hard to see.

Safety & Wellness

No, we’re not talking about providing a gym or anything crazy (although that’s a pretty cool idea!) We’re talking about office amenities that ensure your employees’ overall health and safety are considered.

Our water and coffee systems offer touch-less features to keep your staff safe while also keeping your systems clean. Coming into 2021, we’ve learned that cleanliness is more important than anything, and that’s why these simple enhancements can make all the difference. Also, touchless features are more fun to use than just pressing a button!

Encourage Conversations At the Coffee Bar

Let’s be honest: coffee is the true backbone of your office culture. We’ve all experienced those endless, stressful days at work where only one (or five) cups of coffee got us through. So, when your employees rush to the coffee bar to refuel, encourage them to catch up with their co-workers!

A constructive conversation over coffee can do wonders for your team’s creative abilities. Having a coffee session with others will lead to discussions in a more relaxed environment. Since your employees are still technically working, they’re likely to talk to each other about their projects and bounce ideas off.

Stay on Trend with Refreshments

Refreshment facilities (along with tea and coffee) have been voted as the essential feature for workplace satisfaction by 82% of employees. Moreover, “restaurant and canteen” was considered a high priority by 74% of employees. The numbers speak for themselves!

As their name suggests, refreshments are meant to truly refresh employees and invigorate them for the rest of the day at their workplace. Set up a wholesome snack pantry and some fresh, unique refreshments for your employees as they push through their day.

Beer & Wine For After-Work Get-Togethers

The work dynamic is different during work hours and completely different when all employees are free for the day. So, on some Fridays at 6 pm (or whenever your office closes), allow your staff to switch off their PCs, forget about the work, and have a good time.

You can make this a monthly tradition; as your team grows, it’s vital that all of them feel included in the environment. They can arrive at the Beer & Wine Get-Together (give it a more creative name, perhaps?) whenever they can, stay as long as they want, and say whatever is on their mind. This will signify a reward at the end of a long week of hard work to many employees. It’s always nice to stop working a little earlier than usual and connect with the team in conversations that aren’t necessarily about work. A brilliant form of bonding and team-building that doesn’t require a lot of time or money. We say, “why not?!”

Make the Workplace Like Home

If your staff only works for a paycheck at the end of the month, they will rarely bring their creativity or innovation to the office. It’s important to provide employees with an environment that truly feels like home. A person who receives appreciation will always do more than the bare minimum!

If you’re looking to win your valuable employees’ loyalty, you’ll have to provide them with some ‘warm and fuzzy’ benefits that they probably won’t receive at another company. Employers who go the extra mile also reap the benefits of highly dedicated employees. We’re open to hearing what you have in mind to make your workplace a more enjoyable place to be; let us help you create the ultimate breakroom experience!