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Sparkling Water With the Bevi

The Ultimate Refreshment

Spring is in the air, and we are here for it! It’s been a long winter, but now the sun is making an appearance, and it’s here to stay awhile. Let us help you set up your office break room with the ultimate spring touch. 

Our most loved office amenity when the weather gets warmer is our sparkling water system, the Bevi. The Bevi is the perfect combination of health, taste, convenience, and sustainability. 


The Bevi provides plenty of health benefits as it’s an easy way for employees and clients to stay hydrated. Those who crave carbonation can enjoy a drink without added sugars such as soda and other juices. Most of Bevi’s flavors contain 0 calories and have natural flavoring without added sugars. Even the sweetened flavors contain no artificial sweeteners. Consumers can drink cup after cup of Bevi’s flavored water without feeling guilty!


You don’t have to sacrifice health over taste. With Bevi’s customization features, you can create still or sparkling drinks and adjust flavor strengths based on your preferences. You can even mix &match flavors! With 14 flavors to rotate through, your users will never get bored. Popular flavors include Watermelon, Grapefruit, Peach Mango, Strawberry Lemongrass, and so much more. 


With a sleek countertop or freestanding model available, you can easily install this system wherever you desire as long Agora can access a water source. With 24/7 operation, you never have to worry about restocking cans or running out of beverages for the team. Agora also fully services your Bevi, so if you ever encounter problems or need a CO2 replacement, connect with us!


Bevi’s mission for their innovative creation is to create a world with less plastic bottle usage, which reduces the oil needed to make it and keeps the air free of emissions from shipping it. Bevi users have saved over 200 million bottles to date. To learn more about Bevi statistics, read here. Your office Bevi will also show you how many bottles your office is saving right on the screen. You can even create quarterly goals with your office to see how many bottles you can save!

The Bevi is always a popular office amenity to promote health and hydration. Now with their touchless integration, you can still offer this perk without worrying about safety! Scan a QR code available on the Bevi screen, and you can create drinks directly off your smartphone with all the same great features. 

Are you feeling thirsty now? Connect with us to set up a free site survey and see if the Bevi is suitable for your office!

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