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How to Make Iced Coffee

Summer is here! We’ve been patiently waiting for consistent sunshine and warm weather, after what felt like an extremely slow winter/spring and now here we are! Warmer weather means colder drinks, and of course, we mean iced coffee. To be honest, iced coffee is a year-round thing for us at Agora but for those of you who are waiting for this very moment, we have just the recipe for you.

Flat lay composition with cold brew coffee and milk on grey background

Step 1:

Any coffee machine you’re using through Agora will have the capabilities to produce shots of espresso, which is what you will need as the base of this iced coffee. On your coffee machine, click the espresso button and you can determine how many shots you would like in your drink (the more the merrier!) Here we are using our innovative and compact, the De Jong Duke Nio.

Step 2:

After you have your perfect shot of espresso, go ahead and add any sweetener of your choice, whether it’s honey, flavored syrup, or simple sugar. Add your desired amount and stir until completely dissolved. *Agora has a variety of syrups and sweeteners available!

Step 3:

Add your desired amount of ice from any model of our Follet Ice Machine or from our latest inclusion to our water/ice collection, the  Wellsys 12000 which produces ice and water for the all-in-one system your office needs.

Step 4:

If you like a creamier consistency then add your desired milk or creamer, our latest obsession is the Oatly Oat Milk!

Step 5:

Sip & enjoy your own crafted iced coffee! You can follow the same recipe for making drinks at home too if your brewer has espresso shot capabilities. Send your regular barista a goodbye letter, because you won’t be seeing them for a while… or ever again.

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