COVID-19 Back-to-Work Safety Resources

Products and Services to ensure your breakroom is as safe as possible.


Agora is here to make your transition back to the office as simple, and effective as possible. In this blog, you will find a list of ways Agora can help you get your office back up and running, and how to proactively continue safety procedures in your office to keep your employees, and breakroom space sanitized.


PPE Products

As we come back to the office and sitting close to others for the first time, masks are highly encouraged. While we try to work in the office as normal as possible, masks are key for interaction with peers. Paired with hand sanitizer, your office is equipped for sanitation throughout the office. With 8oz bottles, you can place in every corner of the office, so employees are constantly reminded to sanitize their hands after touching any high traffic areas.

Compostable Kitchenware

Before, we never thought too much about grabbing a fork or spoon to eat our lunch, and we did not think about how many hands possibly grazed on the one you picked out. Now, we have individually wrapped compostable spoons, forks, and knives. Not only are they individually wrapped, preventing anyone from touching the actual utensil, but with its composable features, you can help the environment too.

De Jong Duke ConnectMe Program

de jong duke touchless options graphic with QR code


  • Now it is easy to craft up your coffee drinks with no contact with your system
  • Scan the QR code on the screen and access a full beverage menu directly off your phone.
  • Additional setup and installation fee apply, contact an Agora technician today for access to this hands-free feature

Starbucks Serenade Features

starbucks serenade machine with touchless app


  • Fully automated touchless coffee experience via smartphone
  • Access to full beverage menu on Serenade Machine for customer bean to cup experience consumers count on throughout the day
  • Intuitive step- by-step instructions
  • Reduces shared contact points

Follet Ice Machine SensorSafe Features

follet ice maker sensor illustration


  • Sanitary dispensing with no hand contact
  • Easily installed to countertops and freestanding dispensers
  • Minimal assembly required. Remove and discard existing lid
  • Hover over sensor to release water or ice
  • Compatible with 7 & 15 series
  • Not compatible with undercounter, ice-only or sparkling

Wellsys Foot Pedal Feature

black wellsys foot pedal device


  • Foot pedal installation under the system for a hands-free no contact dispenses
  • Available only on freestanding models for Wellsys 9000, 7000, and 11000
  • The easy plug and play design allow easy-quick installation
  • The latest dual Pedal allows safe dispense for both hot and cold water, along with ice

Bevi Touchless Feature

bevi touchless app


  • The Bevi’s touchless feature allows you to scan a QR code right off the screen to customize your own drinks!
  • If your Bevi has internet access, then this feature should already be readily available.
  • If your Bevi does not have internet access, we can install this program for a seamless hands-free dispense.


Extensive Coffee Cleaning

We know how long you’ve waited to use your coffee systems again, and we don’t want you to wait any longer! With our Extensive Coffee System Restoration service we will provide the following:

  • Deep cleaning inside and outside of your system with safe solution.
  • Remove parts to get inside areas that have solidified due to sitting idle.
  • Sanitize touchscreen
  • *Your coffee rep will be dropping off Agora stylus pens for you to keep near your system for employees to use. We suggest keeping sanitizer wipes nearby as well to sanitize after usage.

You can schedule your coffee cleaning here:

Sanitizing Surfaces

The latest to our sanitation services is our BIOPROTECT Solution Spray that sanitizes your systems and your countertops. Here are some of the benefits:

  • The spray actively starts working after 60 seconds and keeps your systems and countertops protected for up to 3 months.
  • The solution is water based, non-toxic to humans and animals, with no harmful chemicals – safe for food contact surfaces.
  • The solution forms a covalent bond with substrate and creates a microbiostatic antimicrobial coating.
  • Hospital grade disinfectant
  • 30 second kill time for e.coli and s.aureus.

Set an appointment here to get your breakrooms sanitized: *Please note space cannot be occupied for approximately an hour so its best when employees are not in the office.

Watch how it works!