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Come Back to the Office!

It’s time to ditch the fuzzy slippers and lose that leisurely morning coffee break. Yes, you need to go back to the office. After establishing a remote work routine, a return to the office can seem overwhelming. Even though you may be returning to the same office location, the transition might feel a little strange. Here are some tips to optimize a smooth landing and minimize the stress when you head back to the office.

Make Mornings Easier

You’ve created new habits at home, and they may be hard to break. So, make those hectic mornings less stressful by taking key steps the night before. By setting out your clothes and accessories the night before, you will limit the decisions you have to make when you’re in a rush. Prepare anything else to take with you, and have it ready to go. Pack your lunch, assemble your work bag, gas up the vehicle and you will streamline your morning exit. Perhaps you need to drop off the kids at school or daycare, or you have a long commute. Those first days back, be sure to allow extra time to get to work.

Discover Your Options

As people return to the office, companies are exploring flexible work options. It’s a good idea to let people acclimate to the new routine slowly, and it limits the number of workers in the office. If you have the opportunity to ease into the office slowly, it will make transitioning more comfortable.

Take Your Breaks

If you were typically in the habit of eating lunch at your desk in the office, now is the perfect time to start a new routine. Leave your desk and enjoy a peaceful spot somewhere else. Take a mental break and a short stroll when you can. Give your mind and your eyes a rest from the computer, and get your body moving if possible.

Talk About It

The first week back, try to pay attention to your thoughts and concerns. Don’t be hesitant to share your feelings with someone you trust. After all, many people are experiencing the same thing at this unusual time in history.

Be Patient and Flexible

In a few months, things will look and feel different. The office might even feel like a normal place again. Be patient with your colleagues, boss and company. Business protocols are rollercoastering too, and they may need time to adjust and morph to the needs of the team.

Encourage the Team

One of the best ways to make the transition easier for everyone is by being a solid source of joy. Be the one who doesn’t complain and builds up the entire team. It doesn’t take a lot of effort — just the willingness to do it. Since everyone is dealing with the same transition, it may be easier to find common ground with your co-workers than you ever did before. Giving genuine compliments and letting small irritations roll off your back will stand out, and it will inspire everyone around you.