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6 Surefire Ways To Boost Employee Wellbeing In 2022

Since people spend most of their waking hours at work, supporting employee wellness is a brilliant idea. Encouraging a healthy workplace can boost productivity, improve company culture and minimize absenteeism. A company’s success relies heavily on the efforts of the employees. So, employee wellness has a direct link to your company’s bottom line. If you don’t know where to start, here are six ways to support employee wellness.

1. Give Praise and Recognition

Regularly recognizing the efforts and achievements of employees is a powerful initiative. A recent report says that 70% of employees admit that being recognized at work makes them feel more connected, and the same numbers report that it causes more personal satisfaction. (Not surprising!) There are many ways to recognize a job well done, including a handwritten thank you note or a formal announcement. This wellness effort is low cost, easy to implement, and highly effective for employee wellness.

2. Aid Stress Management

Stress and anxiety levels are raging. In the past couple of years, employees have established a remote work routine, uprooted, and brought back to the office. The global health crisis, pay cuts, and children home from school add to the stress and confusion. To prevent burnout and mental exhaustion, many companies support mental health by providing counseling, coaching, and more work flexibility.

3. Promote Exercise Opportunities

Supporting physical health is a big part of wellness, and it’s easy to promote. Start an annual 5K walk or run because this can involve employee families. Some companies offer discounts at local gyms, encourage walk breaks, provide healthy snacks, and educate employees about the importance of sleep.

4. Connect the Team

Hybrid workplaces can cause colleagues to feel disconnected. Some companies plan virtual activities that connect everyone to boost team spirit. This can be an ideal way to promote social and physical wellness. Activities such as group yoga or virtual holiday parties are a great way to link a socially distanced team. Offering a coffee bar for employees to mingle and chat over a brewed drink is always the easiest way to get the team bonding again.

5. Encourage Financial Wellness

Although we often overlook financial wellness, money worries can be the center of our biggest problems. Companies can bring relief to employees by adding benefits like financial education, coaching and extended paid leave. There’s never been a better time to help people manage their money and feel financially secure.

6. Support Families

Wellness efforts can include support for workers with children. Companies that offer flexible hours, hybrid workplaces, child care, and paid leave boost working parents.

Great Results

Though some companies may be skeptical about investing in employee wellness, reports say that we often underestimate the benefits. Employees feel optimistic when companies start wellness efforts, which continually enhance the following:

  • Company culture
  • Sense of support
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Work satisfaction
  • Financial stability
  • Risk Reduction
  • Employee retention
  • Work productivity
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Reduced health care costs

Starting a wellness program or even taking a few steps toward one will benefit your overall office culture. Office amenities are a great place to start slowly transitioning from home employees to the office. More and more businesses will embrace wellness programs to keep employees happy and invest wisely in their companies in the years ahead. Connect with Agora today, and let us help you kickstart your new wellness program!