April 26th, 2017


I know I’m not the only one that craves a glass of wine after a long work day. It’s exactly what I need to unwind, especially on those busy Mondays we all know and love. But why can’t we partake in this unwinding while at work? If you’re like me, even the tiniest sip of that tasty wine can brighten my mood in one second. So if I’m sitting in my cubicle stressed out about my work load, pouring a glass of wine in the break room is the new go-to remedy. It’s instant gratification to sip a merlot after dealing with tempered clients or complicated spreadsheets.

There have been numerous studies that support claims of wine carrying many health benefits for the human body. Specifically, red wine carries a compound called resveratrol, which has been linked to beneficial results, such as reduced risk of age-related diseases and even releases protein that promotes longevity. Resveratrol also stimulates a stress response gene that acts as a momentary ‘sedation’ to the nervous system. In other words, red wine is calming–which is why we all crave it after a long and stressful work day!

Lucky for you, Agora Refreshments offers so many choices of wine to the Greater Seattle Area. Agora will gladly deliver an assortment of bottled wines, in addition to a kegerator installation and maintenance to those beer lovers in your office! Don’t wait around until you get home to relax and unwind, do it at the office! Whether it’s lunch hour, an in-office happy or you just need a pick-me-up, wine service in your break room is exactly what you need to have a better work day.