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Why a Breakroom Upgrade Can Lead to a Better Work Experience

Free Snacks

Here’s an interesting statistic: the number of companies in the United States that provide free snacks to employees increased from 20% to 30% from 2013 to 2018. It doesn’t sound like a coincidence to us!

The thing is: eating is emotional in general. And when you gorge over a snack with fellow employees, you build a much deeper bond with each other. Thus, companies commonly use free snacks to persuade visitors, potential employees, and existing employees into having positive feelings about their office. Moreover, tech companies like Facebook and Google have also massively popularized the concept of free snacks, as we mentioned above.

There’s another benefit to providing staff with free snacks: it keeps them from leaving the office just for a meal! Providing food in-house ensures that employees stay in the office instead of going to buy afternoon snacks. This saves time and eventually boosts their productivity!

Additional Breakroom perks

When you think of a break room, the first visual in your mind should not be a 1970s motel lobby. This is *not* the place that will make your employees feel refreshed! It’s a known fact that companies with well-maintained break rooms have happier, more productive employees.

How to make your break room more appealing? Start with adding healthy food options. We’ve already discussed the importance of free snacks. You might notice a significant boost in staff performance when you provide free break room snacks. Of course, the snacks shouldn’t just be processed, sugar-filled treats but healthy foods high in good carbs and proteins. Some of the best snack options include fresh fruits, cheese sticks, yogurt, and nuts.

Complimentary beverages are another treasured addition to the break room. Coffee is the only thing that’s getting your staff through those lazy mornings and afternoon slumps! To take things up a notch: provide your employees with specialty coffee makers, like espresso machines and single-serve devices. Some other beverages to keep in the store are juice, tea, soda, and bottled water.  Ensure the beverages and snacks are replenished throughout the day, and all break room equipment (i.e., coffee machines, water filters, vending machines) is kept in shape. Agora Refreshments offers these services to stock and maintain your break room, so you don’t have to!

Ask for employee input

Taking employee input and giving them constructive feedback is crucial to your staff’s ongoing development. This cycle of input and feedback helps build confidence, clarifies expectations, and allows people to learn from their mistakes.

Two-way communication between you and your staff is an essential tool in maintaining strong working relationships and achieving productivity at all levels of your organization. The more employers and managers invest time into actively taking feedback – the higher the productivity, output, and morale they are reciprocated with. On the other hand, lack of input from your staff will inevitably lead to unmotivated employees who won’t be willing to make any moves independently and might even begin to question their confidence in their abilities.

You already have formal meetings to discuss the more serious issues, but are you receiving input in your day-to-day encounters? Are you fostering an environment in which employees feel comfortable to give and receive feedback? Don’t underestimate the importance of these questions!

White- glove stocking amenities

If you want to automate your break room with exceptional amenities, we can help. Agora Refreshments takes care of your break room so that you can take care of your business.

Instead of depending on your already busy staff to remind you when the coffee runs out or when you need more granola bars, rely on us to keep track of things for you! After all, you already have a lot on your plate. To eliminate the task of checking snack inventory altogether and spend your valuable time elsewhere.

We will assign our clients to one of our friendly and attentive coffee service representatives that will personally deliver and unload your selected snacks into your office. Delivery frequencies are customizable and depend on customer’s needs. With our snack storage system program, a variety of storage units properly display your snacks. Style of storage can vary depending on your office culture!

Remote Services

Working from home used to be something we all wished for in a job—the ability to operate in your own space without any distractions freely. However, with remote work becoming a new normal, it’s not as rewarding as it once used to be. We’ve grown to miss the free coffee, snacks, and other amenities that were offered in the office.

Whether your employees are working in the office or at home, they should always feel valued and appreciated. Remote Breakroom is a leading snack subscription company that focuses on employee morale and retention when they’re not in the office. Employers utilize Remote Breakroom to spice up zoom meetings, virtual retreats, conferences and show appreciation to employees and clients. In Remote Breakroom boxes, you can find healthy, trendy snacks in the market chosen explicitly by the snack team. Healthy snacks keep your team fueled for longer without that midday slump. Plus, the option to include coffee, tea, and other customizations upon request. Who wouldn’t love receiving a box like that?

Plus, the option of The Office Box allows hybrid workplaces to lay out snacks in conference rooms so employees can grab and go.

No matter where your employees are, they deserve this!

Enhanced Office Cleanliness

Office breakrooms are the hub for bacteria and germ buildup, with employees going in and out all day, and it’s where our food and drinks live. Now that we are more conscious of our surroundings and staying clean, we’ll continue to encourage safety and protection regularly.

A new technology, the BioProtect Spray, is an easy way for your office to rid of bacteria for up to 3 months. This hospital-grade disinfectant is 99.999% effective with a 30-second kill time. How does it work? When applied to a surface or incorporated into a material, the solution forms a covalent bond with the substrate and creates a microbiostatic antimicrobial coating. This solution is water-based, non-toxic to humans and animals, no harmful chemicals or heavy metals. These are the easy things to implement to your office enhancements because who likes bacteria or germs?

Agora can help you upgrade your office amenities for a better work experience for everyone! Connect with us to learn more about our products and services.