How important are first impressions in the business world?


First impressions set the expectation and tone for who is walking into your business and what is about to happen next.

Imagine being in your guest’s shoes, driving or walking up to the office, opening the main entrance door and stepping into the lobby of your business. What are your thoughts when you walk in? Is the company’s office pleasing to the eye? Did the receptionist welcome you with coffee or water?

These questions are imperative because image is EVERYTHING, and how one perceives that image is something that your company can control. Being perceived as “the best” in a current or prospective client’s mind is key to success in any business industry.

You probably want a warm, professional and inviting atmosphere for your office, right? Then create a sense of environment that allows your clients to feel appreciated and welcome by offering an artisan coffee, organic tea, or fresh filtered water.

If you want your company to be perceived as the best in your industry, then you have to offer your clients the best. Impress them by offering environmentally friendly products and organic snacks to let them know you mean business!

Let me ask you this; If you were in your client’s shoes and you stumbled upon the office break room to find high-tech and sleek looking coffee systems over merely a small MR. Coffee® brewer, wouldn’t you be impressed with the company? Offering that kind of perk creates a sense of confidence and shows that your company goes above and beyond the norm in your industry.

Perception is everything. Make your company stand out amongst your competitors and prove to your clientele that your company is in fact “the best.”

If you would like more information on how your company can obtain coffee, water, beer/wine services, as well as organic snack options, then call today to set up an appointment with one of Agora’s consultants.