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Office Party Hacks: Turn Your Next Work Bash into a Blast!

The office party: a chance to unwind with colleagues, celebrate achievements, and maybe even bond over favorite songs and snacks. But let’s be honest, planning and attending office parties can sometimes feel…well, forced.

In 2024, let’s ditch the awkwardness and throw an office party that’s worth the effort! Here are some tips to get you started, along with some fun activity ideas that will have your co-workers excited to participate.

A Beverage Bonanza! : Crafting up the Key to Cool with Agora Kegerators

Office party drinks

Gone are the days of limited drink options. With your fancy dual-tap kegs, you can offer a variety to please every palate.

  • Craft Beer Paradise: Enjoy a classic cold beer from your favorite local brewery from one side of the keg, and a trendy nitro beer for a smooth, creamy taste from the other nozzle. Check out our last blog, Your Guide To Pacific Northwest Brews, for inspo on beers to try!
  • The Kombucha Keg: Kombucha is a fantastic healthy option, perfect for those seeking a refreshing and slightly bubbly drink. Happy Mountain Kombucha is one of our on-tap favs! 😉
  • Hard Cider Celebration: Cider is a delightful alternative to beer, offering a variety of flavors from sweet to dry, and fruity to floral (See our last blog).
  • Wine Not? One nozzle can dispense your favorite red or white wine, making the party feel a touch more sophisticated.

Beyond the Buffet: Appetizer Adventures!


Ditch the boring chips and dip! Get creative with some fun and interactive snack stations:

  • Mocktail Magic: Set up a station with various juices, fruits, herbs, and sparkling water. Let your co-workers create their own signature mocktails!
  • Snack Stack Showdown: Provide a variety of sweet and savory snacks, along with bowls and utensils. Challenge your colleagues to create the most unique and delicious combinations!
  • Candy Salad: This one is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser! Bring your favorite candies and together create a giant candy salad. The possibilities are endless (and maybe a little strange, but hey, that’s part of the fun!)

Game On! Activities to Break the Ice

Sometimes the hardest part of an office party is getting people to loosen up and interact. Here are some fun and engaging activities to break the ice:

  • Battle of the Beats : Compete against the popular music identification app, Shazam and see who can guess the song first! Grab a top hits or throwbacks playlist from Spotify or Apple music and divide your co-workers into teams. In a 1 v 1 multi round battle, have your host play a song. The round can be a choice of naming the title of the song or finishing the lyrics. If the competitors choose to name the song, one person from each team will rush to see who can identify the song before Shazam (two points) or before the other person (one point). If the competitors choose to battle by finishing the lyrics, the host will shuffle the playlist and pick a random part of one song to play for 5 seconds. After hearing a sound bite of the chosen song, the players will raise their hand if they know the lyrics. The first person to answer correctly gets the point. Shouting and laughter guaranteed!

Coworkers playing an office game

Let the Fun Begin!

By incorporating these tips and ideas, you can ensure your next office party is a success. Remember, the key is to create a relaxed and inclusive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable letting loose and having a good time. So crank up the music, raise a glass (from your awesome dual nozzled keg system!), and get ready to celebrate with your work fam!

Agora offers office refreshment services to fuel your office break room and office parties for any occasion. We partner with companies in the Greater Seattle, Portland and Austin Areas. Contact us to learn more about our beverage and snack services and find the best solution for your next office party.