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Employees’ Favorite Office Sparkling Water System Got an Upgrade

Employee’s Favorite Office Sparkling Water System Got an Upgrade

Employees are raving about Bevi’s launch of their Bevi 2.0 earlier this summer, an elevated version of their older freestanding model. The system offers all the same great features with a sleeker, more innovative appearance leaving a lasting impression.

Features we love:

1. Still or Sparkling?

Users can choose between still, lightly sparkling, or sparkling for a customized beverage at their fingertips.Bevi 2.0 brought to you by Quench | Sparkling Water | Quench Water

2. Cold, Hot, and Ambient Water

The Bevi is an all-in-one, offering hot, cold, or ambient filtered water for all your drink needs. So you can upgrade your standard water dispenser for a Bevi 2.0.

3. Fun and Fruity Flavors

The best part? Bevi offers over 12 flavors to choose from, and you can mix and match them to create a fun fruity concoction! You can adjust each flavor’s strength to make your beverage to your liking.

4. Add Enhancements

It gets even better; you can now add enhancements such as caffeine, immunity, or electrolytes to take your drink to the next level.

5. Environmental Impact

While we thoroughly enjoy all the features of the Bevi, we also love the environmental impact they play. The Bevi saves on thousands of bottles and cans because you can refill your very own water bottle! The system has an “Explore” tab you can click on to see the bottles you’ve saved, flavor ingredients, and more.

6. Nutritional Facts

All of Bevi’s flavors are vegan, kosher certified, and free from sodium, gluten, and GMO. The Bevi screen also has a Nutrition Counter that shows you calories, sugar, and caffeine content as you dispense.

7. Fit For Every Office Space

Bevi offers a freestanding and countertop model to fit any office space. The freestanding model allows for five flavors and three enhancements, while the countertop model holds up to 4 flavors.

All the pros and the only con is that you may get up frequently to refill your bottle, but at least you’re staying hydrated! For more information about specs and dimensions, visit our Sparkling Water Systems page.

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