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Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive!

Don’t Be Busy, Be Productive!

Do you ever walk into the office and already feel a sense of overwhelmingness with the day’s tasks? You’re probably thinking, isn’t that everyone… every day? We’re all busy, yes, but you shouldn’t have to feel swamped at the idea of the workday you have ahead of you, without even having stepped foot into the building.

There are minimum changes you can implement to your day to support your everyday capacity. These little things play a large role with your mindset and how to prioritize your day with what works best for you, so start with the little things:

Skip the To-Do Lists and Make a Schedule

Creating a to-do list might seem like an “organized” thing to do, but it really becomes an overall long list of stuff you still have to get done, which leads to why you feel a wave of stress and defeat. You look at the list and think, “How am I ever going to get through all of this?”, or “I don’t even know where to start!” So instead, try making a schedule and prioritizing the items you have on the agenda. What is the most important? What is due first? What can you do when you have more downtime? Prioritizing your action items will help you accomplish tasks on your list, and then you can feel a sense of achievement!

Take Breaks

When you’re focused and working, work hard. When you’re on your break, take your breaks. Put your mind where it needs to be when it needs to be, to help you overcome all the stress and thoughts on your mind. Checking your emails when you’re out at lunch or trying to plan more of your day when you’re taking a break will continue to add pressure. Take a second to breathe, or else you’ll always feel like your behind on what you already need to do.

Collaborate & Communicate

You have a team for a reason, communicate with them effectively and talk about what items need to be completed and how they need to be done. Spending time meeting with other peers to talk about an upcoming project can help you in the long run, making sure everyone is in line with the same ideas. It will also save you time, so you’re not wasting your efforts working on something that might not be necessary! Also, your team is there to collaborate and be a helping hand, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

Change Your Perspective

Stress is a mindset if you’re constantly telling yourself the negative things it will seem that way. Instead of telling yourself “I have so much to do” or “I’m so stressed out!!” Tell yourself, “If I get these two things done, it’s off my plate!” or “I have a lot to do today, but I’ll start with this…” Allowing yourself to accept the duties at hand, but finding ways to fit them into your day, while also realizing that you are working hard, and you will eventually accomplish your projects and alleviate all the pressure you’re bringing down on yourself.

Take a Walk

There have been many studies done showcasing the bad effects of sitting all day in the office, and it really is! If you’re finding yourself stuck on something you’ve been trying so hard to get done then get up, take a walk, and take a breather. Whatever you need to get done will be right back at your desk when you get back. Taking even 5 minutes to walk around the office can help you come back to reality and realize, yes, the work you need to do is important but so is your mental health and it doesn’t need to be overworked!

Everyone has a different way of going about their day, but if you find yourself constantly dreading the load of work you have each day, then change the way you perceive the work. We’ll always have to work and most likely, we’ll always be busy! There are some things we can’t change but we can change how we decide to structure our day and how we choose to think about it. So, try to implement these little things in your day and see if it can help make a difference!