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Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from Agora

To our valued customers,

We’ve been receiving a lot of questions about our operations during this time and we want to provide some answers!

Are you still open?
Yes! Agora is still operating full hours as best we can to service clients who are still open and need our services.

Are you still delivering?
Yes, we are still operating as normally as possible and shipping items if the order is smaller to decrease contact.

Have your hours changed?
Hours have stayed the same, customer service has stayed the same, and we are ordering products based on what customers need.

What does our office do if our coffee system will be unused for ___ amount of time?

As many of you are out of the office during this time, leaving your Agora systems idle it’s important for us to clean, and sanitize your unit prior to your return. We are implementing extensive cleaning to your bean-to-cup coffee systems to prevent solubles from solidifying in the machine which could cause damage to the augers. If you’re a customer with any of the following coffee system shown (on the left), please schedule an appointment for us to come out so we can thoroughly clean out your system.

The additional off-schedule cleaning will include:

  • Deep cleaning of the interior of the system (whipper bowls, grinders, etc.) and replacing the hygiene kit.
  • Sanitizing the exterior of the system, front, and back, including dispensing valves.
  • Sterilizing the touch-pad and drip trays.

This $125.00 extensive cleaning service will cover the cost, but we want to take the extra steps so our clients feel comfortable and reassured that their machines with Agora are operational when they return to work.


What are your cleaning and sanitation practices?
Here are our safety protocols:

  • Washing hands thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds at and between each customer visit.
  • Using a new pair of gloves at every customer location. If gloves are compromised, they are to be replaced with a new pair immediately.
  • Keep distance from other individuals and minimize time at each customer location. If possible, limit conversations to our primary contact.
  • Wash hands and use gloves while cleaning any kit parts or airpots that will be swapped at customer locations.