What if you simply changed the type of coffee you drink? Join Callie’s Circle and help cure pediatric Cancer. Find out how at www.choosecallies.com

Callie’s was inspired by seven year old Callie Lentz’s desire to help cure pediatric cancer. Callie’s young friend, Ben, died at the age of 3-1/2 from an incurable form of neuroblastoma. Callie’s experience losing her friend inspired her desire to find a way to help prevent other children from suffering the way Ben and his family did.Callie asked her parents to donate the contents of her piggy bank to Ben’s foundation. Then she came up with the idea of selling coffee to further the cause and she and her family kicked into full production.

Today Callie’s ships premium coffee to people all across the country and 10% of every purchase supports the Ben Towne Foundation. We are thrilled that so many people have decided to choose Callies. And we are inspired and humbled by all of the stories from children and families whose lives have been touched by cancer.
Learn more about Callie’s story here: http://choosecallies.com/ and the Ben Towne Foundation here: http://choosecallies.com/ben-towne-foundation/.