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January 29, 2019

Many companies have evolved in the benefits’ department, offering more incentives what is now known as “perks.” Future candidates in the job search are looking at more than just job titles, salaries, and location – they’re expanding their search into perks of a company and what they can gain from their future employer. Times have changed and so have employees, they no longer want to sit at a desk for 40+ hours a week to maybe have an office break room that provides instant coffee.

Perks has transformed the way employees view their employers and a defining moment of what they believe they are worth to the company. It might sound obvious, but employees work harder in jobs they care about. Employers should also see perks as a light of benefit to themselves as well. Retaining employees is less cost-effective than hiring a new employee, according to the Society for Human Resource Management’s 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report, it costs on average $4,100 to hire a new employee (2020 Onsite Optometry, 2018).

Adding perks to your company culture doesn’t have to be over the top or costly, just something to show your employees you care about their wants and needs.

Coffee… Real Coffee:

Your employees come in early, they leave late and there’s the whole day in between. They need real coffee, not just a pot of instant coffee. We’re talking about a crafted cup of coffee with flavors and notes, and tastes like their employers care. This also prevents employees from having to spend their lunch grabbing a cup of coffee or spending the extra cash on the coffee they don’t want to buy but need to get through the day. So reward your staff for all their hard work and save them the hassle by purchasing (or leasing) a nice coffee system for everyone to enjoy.

Food Makes People Happy:

Let’s be honest, everyone likes a midday pick-me-up snack, 3 o’ clock rolls around and your employees are trying hard to stay focused, but their mind starts to run wild. Stock your break room with snacks! Sweet, salty, healthy, colorful whatever you want but make it a wide variety to satisfy everyone, and it also gives your employees a little break to get up from their desks and recoup.

Dogs, because who doesn’t love dogs?

Dogs are proven to be a stress reliever, and it’s also just a well-known perk spreading across many Seattle offices. People bring their dogs to work for comfort, but also so they’re not worrying about leaving their dogs at home all day, or the extra expense to find a doggy daycare. It’s also a perk for anyone who doesn’t have a dog but would love having them around!


Health care benefits? Or healthcare perks? This is a gray area because it really depends on how you look at and it and where the employee is coming from. Some view healthcare as a benefit because maybe their former employer didn’t provide healthcare or mediocre benefits. But healthcare as a perk can be in addition to the benefit, such as a one-hour yoga class in the office on Friday afternoons. Or maybe this means healthier snacks, and drinks options in the office such as the newly innovated sparkling water system, the Bevi. The Bevi is a smart water system that can vend still, sparkling, sweetened, unsweetened, flavored or unflavored water. All flavors in the Bevi are vegan, kosher and made from juices, essential oils, essences or extracts from fruits and vegetables. Talk about some health perks!


It’s evident that this generation is all about setting trends and has continued to build a reputation for individuality, so let the people express themselves! We’re talking about work attire like we talked about before, it doesn’t have to be costly. Employees love wearing what they want! The last thing they need when working for a new employer is a new closet too. If you’re an industry that requires professionalism 24/7, understandable, then how about casual Fridays or a themed day once a month, a little something your employees can look forward to.

Happy hour is truly the happiest hour

The saying “It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere” has never been taken so literally until the rising trend of “company happy hours” becoming such a prevalent after work activity among employees working 8-5 and ready to gulp down a couple glasses of beer after a long day. But what if you had an office kegerator? You can now host company happy hours right in the office, and your expenses wouldn’t even be close to what it would cost you to buy rounds and rounds of pitchers. This helps engage all your employees with one another and creating better company unity. Or continue the trendiness by adding, cold brew coffee and kombucha to your taps for those who prefer non-alcoholic beverages. Cheers to that!

The point of providing perks to your employees is not necessarily a bribe for them to stick around, think of it as small gestures to help regulate an employee’s everyday lifestyle. Work-life balance is ultimately the American dream, you work hard all day to hopefully have some time left in your day to do genuine activities you enjoy. Companies are applying these perks, so employees can enjoy life during work too.

With some help from Agora, we can make some of these perks super easy for you to execute! Let us help you find the perfect cutting-edge coffee system, that new trend-setting kegerator, or have us stock your break room full of snacks! Contact an Agora Solutions Consultant to get started today.


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