Seattle Beer and Wine Service

Local and National Craft Brews on Tap + Wine for your Seattle office

Drinking at the office isn’t just for the executives in Mad Men anymore! More and more modern workplaces are integrating happy hours into office culture every day. Sharing a drink with your coworkers at the end of the week – without ever leaving the office – is a great perk and morale booster. Make your office kegerator the new water cooler by contacting Agora today!

Beverage-Air BM23 Kegerator

Don’t hassle with picking up kegs, maintaining your kegerator, and filling up your c02s anymore! Let Agora handle it all with our convenient beer and wine delivery service. Bring the office happy hour right to your office. Choose from an assortment of craft beers and ciders on tap, particularly those from the Pacific Northwest. Listed below are a few of our favorites, with plenty of more options to choose from. An assortment of bottled wines are also available. Inquire within.

Coffee and beer keg service
  • Glass storage area (club top model)
  • Coffee waste bottle to capture spills from drain
  • Swivel casters provide easy mobility
  • Continuous flow through insulated tower ensures that coffee is dispensed ice cold every time

39” (h) x 29.5” (d) x 24” (w) without tower

49.125” (h) x 29.5” (d) x 24” (w) with tower

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